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Framestore Makes Army of 80 for Olly Murs Music Video

3/14/2013 12:14 PM Eastern

Director Vaughan Arnell and visual effects Framestore didn't take Olly Murs' single title "Amry of Two" literally when they created nearly 80 Murs to populate the music video.

Explains Framestore's head of Flame Ben Cronin, "With limits on the track length we settled on a series of 25-30 second moves with a motion control track, using the full 4:3 sensor at 3K and locking the cameras tilt and pan...We rotoscoped/soft masked and composited the Ollys at 3K. To achieve the camera moves we didn't ‘pan and scan’ but panned the Flame camera around the 3K image, which produces a more realistic result. Along with that we countered the lens distortion before and re-distorted after to reflect the zoom lens changing its field of view.”"

Watch the video below and read more here.