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First Look at the Digital Bolex at SXSW

3/12/2013 11:10 AM Eastern

SXSW was the first opportunity for the public to see and touch a Digital Bolex prototype in person. Digital Bolex forum member James M. writes of his experience, "The side panels, handle and main body all felt very rugged...Action on the crank is smooth with a decent amount of tension and some built in "stops" that give a light click as you rotate it. Good stuff. Though to be fair some of the more strong arm shooters might feel it has too much 'give.' As a follow focus it felt different but still quite workable. For menu navigation it just felt right. Better than buttons or touchscreens. Speaking of buttons; the ones on the back of the camera were all functioning and were mechanically and electronically responsive."

Read more here on RedShark News.

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