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2/15/2012 2:36 AM Eastern
Custom audio PCs

With the increasing number of software DAWs running on PC gear, finding the right workstation shouldn't be a problem. But like buying a car, sometimes only custom alterations deliver what you need. That's what VisionDAW offers. Instead of stock PCs, users can choose either workstations built for specific DAW software (including Steinberg and Tascam), or from a menu of parts based on special-built PCs for rackmounting or mobile use. VisionDAW tweaks and optimizes the OS, and then tests each system for 24 hours a day for four days. The VisionDAW 2U Extreme, for example, uses the Pentium 4 Extreme Edition processor with a 2MB L3 cache, 2GB of high-speed RAM, and 10,000rpm Raptor drives.

Price: $3,151
Buena Park, Calif.; (800) 326-9994;

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