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The Eames' Infamous 'Power of 10' Gets Reimagined

12/19/2012 12:20 PM Eastern

Ray and Charles Eames' infamous 1977 short film, "Powers of 10," which gorgeously zoomed in and out of the universe and the human body to make a point about size, scale and connectedness, is getting an homage. Producers Andy Rohrmann and Peter Lucas have collected over 40 artists who will each contribute their own stylistic segment to reimagine the entire film.

Says Rohrmann, "We wanted as broad a representation as possible in style, regional origin, 'pure artists’ vs. commercial professionals, individual artist vs. studio, etc."

A short clip of one of the segments can be found below.

 Read more about the project here on Fast Company's Co.Design. Check out the original film below.