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DP Claudio Miranda on Shooting 'Life of Pi' on the ARRI Alexa

12/07/2012 10:24 AM Eastern

Cinematographer Claudio Miranda explains what made him choose the ARRI Alexa as the camera of choice to capture Ang Lee's Life of Pi. He says, "I did some early tests with other cameras. We needed strong, controlled highlights. Normally, sunlight reflecting on water is a pretty big digital issue. We shot off the Venice Beach pier with the camera very low to the water. The Alexa was the only camera that didn’t feel electronic in the highlights. That’s pretty critical to the story, with all of the highlights going out of control in the reflections and with characters really close to the water. This was really important to get a handle on. It was a landslide why we chose Alexa. It was obvious very early on that was our camera."

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