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Bokeh in the News

8/27/2012 12:15 PM Eastern

Paul Mason writes about the pros and cons of artistic shooting when it comes to news pieces, especially as it relates to bokeh: the DSLR-specific look that involves a defocused background and sharp foreground.

He says:

Now to the point raised by, among others, TV critic Charlie Brooker (read his article here): all this makes news look more filmic and can therefore be distorting reality. I have been fascinated and concerned by this ever since I saw the BBC and rival networks start using SLRs to shoot the Libya conflict.

The base case is, the SLR-shot video is tangibly different from the live studio shots that surround it, and from all other video output on the bulletin, and from the past. Therefore it is privileging the action, or giving it an extra narrative feel that distances us from the maybe horrific events.

Read the full article here on BBC News.

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