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'A Birder’s Guide to Everything' Gets Aframe Dailies

1/25/2013 10:40 AM Eastern

During production on the independent film A Birder’s Guide to Everything, Aframe’s video management service typically ingested, stored, transcoded and delivered a full day’s high-res footage to a 20-person team in hours. Throughout the 21-day shoot, which took place just north of New York City, post house Sixteen19 processed and uploaded dailies to Aframe’s private cloud, where they would be securely stored and accessible to authorized team members. Within hours of shooting, a link to an H.264 proxy copy of the footage was e-mailed to 20 collaborators on the film. Using Aframe, the production team had an easy and efficient means for viewing each day’s raw footage. One co-producer was even able to view dailies on his iPad while working in Qatar.