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48 FPS: The Future of Filmmaking

1/02/2013 5:57 AM Eastern

Brendan Bettinger of Collider goes in-depth on why he thinks that high frame rate filmmaking really is the future of movies and why, psychologically, people may currently be rejecting it but should ultimately choose to embrace it.

He writes, "We are still years away from a complete transformation to 48fps if it comes, so it remains to be seen if 24fps will eventually look strange to all of us. Even the unlikely worst case scenario, where 24fps strains our eyes every time we see it, does not justify rejection of 48fps. A movie must always be viewed in the context of its time period, whether it is silent, black and white, marked by an old-fashioned acting style, or filled with crude effects. Maybe one day a low frame rate will be added to the list of considerations.  It will be worth it to accomplish the next logical evolution of film technology with all the promised benefits of 48fps. When in doubt, do not resist the new to protect the old."

Read his full piece here.