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What 'The Wolfpack' Teaches Us About the Power of Cinema

6/29/2015 2:00 PM Eastern
Mukunda Angulo in 'The Wolfpack.' Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

In analyzing new documentary The Wolfpack, Grantland's Kevin Lincoln delves into our relationships with movies as a culture.

He writes, "For most people, the relationship to cinema is observational; even with cameras in every pocket, there’s still a distinct gulf separating movies from moviegoers. The Angulos, out of necessity, bridged that chasm. Over the course of The Wolfpack, we see the brothers interrogate what is essentially their imprisonment, and they begin going outside, experiencing the world, and considering that they might have a place in it. But before they’re able to do that, cinema is their world: It’s the only outlet they have to an existence outside of that apartment."

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