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'Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation' Editor: Collaboration (and Organization) in the Cutting Room

7/31/2015 12:30 PM Eastern

"There is no room for errors in a feature film cutting room — that is so important," says Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation editor Eddie Hamilton in an interview with NoFilmSchool.com. "Everything has to be checked and double-checked and has to be accurate. The producers need to know that any information leaving the cutting room environment is accurate. Every file must be checked, every document that is released has to look perfect, everything has to be labeled correctly. I tell my guys, if you're too tired to check it, ask someone else to check it but never, never, ever send anything out that hasn't been double-checked thoroughly for errors. It's so important. Everyone's human and mess-ups do happen, but if you check your work you can avoid them."

Read Paddy Bird's interview with Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation editor Eddie Hamilton on No Film School: How 'Mission Impossible' Editor Eddie Hamilton Skipped Film School & Worked His Way to Cutting Blockbusters (July 29, 2015)

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