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How to Edit Within DaVinci Resolve

4/10/2015 12:45 PM Eastern

Editor and trainer Paul David Murray has published two video tutorials on how to edit from within Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve.

As he explains on FCP.co, "Let's start at the beginning by posing the question, why on earth would you want to edit in a Color Correction program. There are in fact, a number of very good reasons to do so! For example some people already have Da Vinci Resolve in their workflow for heavy Colour Correction but might just want to do some basic editing. There are people who despite picture lock end up making changes at the Colour Correction stage of things. Removing just one frame from an edit, entails a round trip. Round trips take time, can be fiddly at best and at worst make clients nervous and reach for their smart phone! When push comes to shove, nobody likes a workflow that works but does not flow. And speaking of flow, last but by no means least, some people are very budget conscious and do not want to be shelling out money for a NLE, be that once off or in the form of a subscription."

Watch below and read the full post here.

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