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    Hi everyone,

    I have been working in feature films and television as a compositor for the last two years. Previously I worked as a broadcast technician and as an editor/graphics in live news. Now I am looking at a gig as a videographer/editor/graphics/compositor for a corporate gig. Does anyone know what a decent wage is in the corporate world? I have 5 years experience and have worked on some big projects. However, I am very used to working too long and too hard for wayyyyy to little money.

    Can anyone give me a ballpark figure?



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    It'll be the same answer no matter which direction you go.

    It depends on the market.

    What is a $30,000 a year job in one market is a $70,000 a year job in another.

    Corporate video has lots of people working too hard and too long for too little money, as well. The plus is you usually get pretty good benefits. You do have to factor that in to the wage. If you're used to paying for your own insurance, or not having any insurance, the value of having the company pick up that tab, plus paid sick and holiday time, needs to be calculated against the hourly wage or salary.

    You might be able to get more fruitful answers by contacting some people who do the same job in your area.


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    What's the difference between a graphics and a compositor?

    After doing feature films and television will you be satisfied doing corporate videos?

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    Default If it is freelance you are looking for:

    Quote Originally Posted by sevireva View Post
    You are not clear with your thoughts, will you give more information. So I can help you out in this matter.
    I would agree here...more info is needed.

    I generally get $500 per day to run camera for corporate conventions, meetings etc...I am posting this from Australia right now from a conference in Cairns that I am working as the graphics/swithcer operator and I am getting...again...$500 per day and will be here through the 27th.

    And you will find some fairly universal, industry standard day rates...but again we need more info as to what you are looking for and are looking to do.

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