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Thread: Best system for decklink / raid ?

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    Default Best system for decklink / raid ?

    Hi all,

    Im wondering what is a minimum system ( off the shelf)
    that will work for black magic decklink card.

    To capture/ edit 422 decklink

    ( SD betacam okay, HD not needed till later, but HDV now) for vegas 6.

    I want off the shelf, because I want a warranty and don't
    want to build it - or fix it myself.

    what about this system here?

    [[ Sony VAIO VGC-RA834G ]]

    Other suggestions?

    thanks a lot?

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    Default Re: Best system for decklink / raid ?

    That VAIO system looks great for many other applications, really fabulous.

    But it won't work for BMD.

    For Digibeta you need at least a SATA RAID to be sure to get enough disk performance across the disk. In this system, you will probably not be able to squeeze in three more drives (the OS drive should be separate).

    Also, Windows XP Media Center Edition could potentially cause trouble if it decides to start looking for TV program listings etc. during a capture, or there are untested driver conflicts.

    You don't want a PC, but a workstation. There are good workstations from Compaq, HP and Dell, and I think Boxx even has workstations approved by BMD. Workstations use different motherboards with fewer bottlenecks, more room for drives, etc., etc.

    Promax is one of several good resellers for this kind of stuff, they know enough to make sure you get something that works, and they take care of you afterwards.

    The Decklink web site has minimum system requirements, those who follow these are successful, those who disregard these are busy fixing problems...

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    Default Re: Best system for decklink / raid ?

    Wow, great info coursedesign. thanks alot!

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