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Thread: To Raid or not to Raid

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    Default To Raid or not to Raid

    A Frien of mine is buildin me a computer just to run Sony Vegas 6....Should he Run Raid 0 on it or seperate the two hard drives?

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    Default Re: To Raid or not to Raid

    Key is to have separate drives for OS and media.

    RAID is not needed and won't make a difference for the media drive if you're shooting and editing DV (HD and uncompressed, etc. is of course a different story).

    With RAID 0, if you lose one of the 2/3/4 whatever number of drives, all data is lost.

    There can be some performance gain on the OS drive with RAID 0, but today's best single drives are so quick I don't think it's worth the risk.

    There are higher RAID versions that combine performance and reliability, but now you are looking at a good bunch of drives...

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