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    We are having a problem burning an MPEG-2 in Vegas 5
    We have tried CD-R, CD-R pro, CDRW. If we render and burn in MPEG 1 no problem but quality. MPEG-2 will write for some time and then spit out the disc at only about 60% done saying there are no errors. When we play it in the dvd it has major problem like a scratched dvd. Can any one give me some suggestions of how to make this work. I don't know if it's a CD problem, a burner problem, or a setting problem.

    Thanks for your help

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    It's a CD Problem.
    MPEG-2 files have to be authored and burned to DVD media with a DVD burner in order to be played. You can write raw MPEG-2 files to a CD but you won't get much playing time :-(
    Also, most DVD players can play audio CDs but very few will play a mini-DVD (what I think you're trying to create).


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