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    Hi all

    Hopefully the last question I'll bother you with.

    I have cut about a ten minute of my film while my camera is in the shop and I thought I would get a jump on color correction. How do I correct a color or light in an event that is on a track. When I try to move it to another track it still changes the first track even with solo. Do I have to edit the color of each event before they are placed on the track where I want them or how do I fix it after it is on the track, without effecting the rest of the track or the master.

    Thanks again

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    to apply a CC fx to the clip already in the TL .. right click on the clip ( video section) then choose video event FX (not media FX) .. choose your FX's then ADD - OK ... if you want to save the setting/fx chain so you can use on other clips again right click on video clip - video event FX now this time click on the PLUG IN CHAIN icon .. SAVE AS = give it a name - OK .. next time you pop up the FX window you'll find your saved chain in the filter packages folder

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