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    I realize that this is an idiotic question but for the life of me I cannot figure it out. I have read the manual's cover to cover but cannot clue in to it. Maybe it's just a refusal to believe.

    We have edited about 10 minutes for our movie on Vegas 5 from about 2 hours of tape. The hard drive is full (40) and we want to remove the stuff that we have cut. How do we remove the stuff that was cut and the video in the media pool while still being able to edit the remaining footage. Do we render it or do we save it by trimming the media?

    Thanks for answering I am sure such an rediculous question but I can't seem to get a straight answer in my head from all the reading I have done. How do I get rid of everything else while saving what I want so I can download more footage.
    Please Help.
    Thanks again

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    Spend $30 or so on an external drive enclosure + $40AR or so for an 80GB drive (or more for a bigger one, you'll be glad you did soon enough).

    It's not worth it to shoehorn your footage.

    If you're really desperate, you could render out to DV tape, but if this isn't the last editing project you'll ever do, you need more disk space anyway.

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    this will only copy the sections you have used in the TL and you can decide how many extra frames you want on heads/tails of clips in TL ...
    FILE - SAVE AS - give it a name , create a folder for the new clips , and check the box "copy and trim media " .. now decide how much extra you want on the heads and tails of each clip ..then OK

    NOTE that you need some free space on the hard drive for Vegas to copy these clips .. if you have 10 min TL figure maybe 5-6gigs for copy/trim ...

    after Vegas has copied the clips you can then start deleting the old clips used in the project

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