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    Hi, I know nothing about Sony Vegas.
    I would need to change the frame rate of an AVI and a QuickTime movies from its original 25fps to 24frames per second. I would like just to change the header, not to render the whole file. Both files have 1502 frames and at 25fps they run for 1 minute, 00 seconds and 2 frames. I need its play time be expanded till 1 minute, 2 seconds and 14 frames (that is a 4,166667%).
    So, the same amount of frames but a 4.1666667% slower in time.
    Is there any simple way to do that in Sony Vegas?

    Jose Luis

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    Not without a render.


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    Thanks Timothy for answer me.

    I reached three small programs that do what I need. All are free and just change the Tag I need to change without needing to render the whole AVI file.

    a) AVI Frame Rate Adjust v 1.00. Only 60KB.

    b) AVI Frate - AVI Frame Rate Changer v. 1.10. I guess only 160KB.

    c) abcAVI Tag Editor 1.8.1. This is the weightest with its 2,27MB.

    Each one does what I needed and free> so I'm very happy.

    Thanks again Timothy.

    Jose Luis

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