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Thread: Need help for class. Need to capture VCR tape

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    Default Need help for class. Need to capture VCR tape

    Hello. I am a newbee and never captured before with any software.

    I am in a jam. One of my classes is sign language this semester. I was given a VCR tape called American Sign Langauge to study from. Unfortunalty, when studing the tape, the hand movements are way too fast to study from. No, the VCR is working perfectly. It's just the person that is signing on the tape is super fast. My VCR does not have a slow mode or Jog Shuttle.

    I would like to get this video onto my computer where I have software to play it back at what ever speed I want.

    I have a video capture card, the ATI TV WONDER PRO and have Sony Vegas Movie Studio and will have Sony Vegas 5.0 w/ DVD Architect this afternoon. I just don't know how to capture a VCR tape using this software. When I read the directions, it only gave instructions to capture from video camcorders.
    Can someone help me? My email address is

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    Default Re: Need help for class. Need to capture VCR tape

    If you capture through the ATI card, I think you'll get MPEG-2 which is not ideal for further editing.

    Best would be to capture directly into Vegas using either a camcorder with analog in and firewire output, or a little box like the Canopus ADVC100 or equivalent. Same thing, composite or S-video and audio in, firewire to a PC with Vegas capture.

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    Default Re: Need help for class. Need to capture VCR tape

    Yeah...Hook your VCR to your camera using A/V cables"yellow, red, white" Then connect your PC to your camera via firewire. Set your camera to VCR and hit play on your VCR. Then you should goto capture video from camera and there you go! You can also do DVDs the same way!

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