Sex Volunteer Corps kindly share expertise with desperate virgins

By Ryann Connell
Mainichi Daily News

September 3, 2004
Tokyo, Japan

Japan's infamous Sex Volunteer Corps is being swamped with frantic calls for its dispatch from growing numbers of desperate 30-something virgins, according to Asahi Geino (9/9).

Among the untouched are even some women creeping toward middle age who've been married for years, but their nuptials were never consummated.

"I suppose it's because a lot of stories written about the Corps mentioned that we'd worked with virgins," Asahi Geino hears from multitalented Kim Myung Gun, the Corps founder, Wako University lecturer, columnist and Tokyo-based sex therapist. "We've had 40 virgins come to us for help since that start of the year. That's five virgins a month!"

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OK, guys, its not a job, its an adventure and , obviously, they're looking for a few good men! [img]/2pop/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]