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Thread: Canopus and Apple win HD awards

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    Default Canopus and Apple win HD awards

    FCP-HD and Edius-HD win Broadcast Engineering awards

    Was I the only one amazed at the sheer RT performance from the Canopus booth? (Okay... so I was doing demos on it hehe)
    Edius-HD didn't crash ONCE and it played 4 HD-SDI streams with filters and 3D effects piled on in RT (not a single effect was rendered) all day long each and every day.
    I guess everyone was too busy walking by to visit Avid and Boxx (who did 2nd best with two layers between BSODs).

    Canopus deserve some credit for having the only PC based system that was stable, fast, and powerful for HD.

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    Default Re: Canopus and Apple win HD awards

    I see Sony won for Vegas 5.0.

    Anybody see it demoed?

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