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    Default Creating Database for Cinema Tools

    I'm a sound designer and way out my depth here. I'm trying to figure out how to get all the movie clips in an FCP project into a Cinema Tools Database as quickly as possible, ideally in 6 clicks or less.

    The whole story: The plan is to use Change Notes and Change Note Assistant to conform ProTools sessions when changes are made to the movie that I'm doing post production audio for. I've tried it and it works, but in order to get meaningful Change Notes I had to have a Cinema Tools Database with all of the movie clips from the Project in it. Adding these one at a time takes way too long.

    Is there a way to get all of the video clips from my project into a CinemaTools Database using some sort of batch export?


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    Seems to be easier than I thought. You just select all the clips and export a batch list, then open Cinema Tools and import the batch list. I think you still have to re-connect all the clips to get all the data in.

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    You're absolutely correct! Sometimes these operations seem so perplexing but then the obvious hits you. Sorry I didn't get to respond to your post but, as I tell my students, sometimes it's better when you figure it out for yourself.

    Ned Soltz
    2-pop Guide

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