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Article quotes from Leverage director and Electric Entertainment chairman Dean Devlin:

"So for Electric Entertainment, the company that produces Leverage, there was no pressing reason to tamper with a winning formula. The show had already developed an all-in-one Final Cut Pro-based workflow that was the envy of the industry. But Leverage director and Electric Entertainment chairman Dean Devlin, after seeing the new Final Cut Pro X, decided to build his season 5 post-production workflow around it. He was betting that the new editing model and superior performance of Final Cut Pro X would translate to an even faster and more flexible all-digital workflow."

"We’re now shooting the show on the RED EPIC cameras in 4K, so we’re getting much bigger files that improve the quality of the images. And we’ve moved to Final Cut Pro X as the heart and soul of a workflow that is changing how we approach post-production — technologically and creatively.”

“To keep up with the number of shots coming in every day from the set in Portland, the Electric Entertainment team sync picture and sound in one step as a batch process with the Intelligent Assistance program Sync-N-Link X, which takes advantage of the new metadata capabilities of Final Cut Pro X.”

“The Magnetic Timeline has been working great for me. I do a lot of cutting in the timeline, and I never even think about losing sync. And the new trim tool makes quick work of whatever I need to use it for. It lets me edit a lot more efficiently with the waveforms, mostly putting dialogue in and cutting a lot of sound. So the new editing tools have been really helpful.”