Prefer Maya artist.

We're the top post house in Saigon with a cool relaxed Hollywood vibe. We're involved with feature films, television commercials and TV series. World class commercials are being made here with the local branches of ad agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, Olgilvy & Mathers etc. This year, 8 to 12 home-grown feature films will release in the theaters here.

As the economy in Hollywood has died along with much of the U.S., south Asia is booming. Artist continue to move here to make and save money while enjoying this great city for all its restaurants, cafes and clubs. Skyscrapers are popping up everywhere. English is widely spoken within the production community and Americans along with the American dollar are welcomed with a smile. While it might take a decade to become the top dog elsewhere, here, you'll be a superstar in now time at all. Living expenses are very cheap.

Initial hire will be on a trial basis of 1 month.
This is a full time, long term job, not a contract position.
Living accommodations provided.
We pay upfront for your round trip air ticket and half of the cost is deducted from your first month's pay.

This position needs to be filled asap.

DEMO REELS: Send video links showing unfinished work's-in-progress along side the finished version of each example.

Send email reply AND provide a Skype contact name.
If you do not have a Skype account and webcam, you'll need them for initial interview.
(Time difference 9am Los Angeles/6pm Saigon)

Send to:
Skype: jeffrey.varga1