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    I have a new weird problem. I trashed my preferences yesterday. Then when I went to launch FCP 7 (on my Mac Pro tower OS 10.6.8) for a new job, I got a message that I had to enter my serial number. I did (printed on my FCP 7 installer disc) and then I get a message that says "serial number invalid". Anybody have any thoughts?

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    It's not usually printed on the disk, but on a sticker with the docs…(am I remembering correctly?)
    Long long # with lots of hyphens and letters. If that's what you've got, keep trying . Sometimes takes multiple tries, and caps, etc.
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    Gretta is correct. Also, you trashed something you weren't supposed to. This is why I recommend "Preference Manager" to all my clients and students. It quickly and safely trashes pref files for all your Final Cut apps, and can back them up when things are running smoothly. I never do it manually as each version of FCP has had some change in exactly what files you should trash.

    Leave the caps lock on when you type in the s/n, too. It should be a very long number, I think starts with an "F", 11 three character segments separated by hyphens (type those in too), mixture of numbers and upper case letters. It's a sticker, as Gretta said, on the back of a booklet titled "Final Cut Studio, Installing Your Software". There's 2 stickers, actually.

    Another reason why I love the Mac App Store ssssoooo much.
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