I have very recently become the owner of a Sony AX2000 camcorder. I had finished shooting for a short documentary, and 'captured the files from the B slot memory card (via the camera). I deleted the files through the camera software but on commencing to add some further shots noticed that what I call the frame counter (it measures the length of video I have recorded) had not reset to zero. As far as the camera was concerned there was nothing on either card. When I went to record some further shots, the frame counter returned to zero and started again from zero - exactly as it should have the first time.

My question is very simple. When the files on the cards are deleted, shouldn't the frame counter show zero? If so, how do I return it to zero without having to start recording.
If it doesn't zero when the files are deleted, how does one return it to zero?

There is probably a very simple answer but it is not apparent to this person.