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Thread: H4n Vs. Juicedlink Vs. Combo?

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    Default H4n Vs. Juicedlink Vs. Combo?

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to get my head around the options for an upcoming DSLR shoot. At my disposal, I have the following:

    A Juicedlink DT454:
    A Zoom H4n:
    A Rebel T3i:

    My basic question is regarding the audio setup.

    Option A: Should I run the shotgun straight into the Juicedlink via XLR, then send a split 1/8" signal out -- one line to the camera and one to the Zoom for backup?
    Option B: Would it make more sense to run the mic straight to the Zoom and then send a line out to the DSLR, cutting the Juicedlink out of the equation?
    Option C: I could also split the XLR cable and send one to the Juicedlink and the other to the Zoom, but that seems to make the least sense of all the options as it would require monitoring of multiple devices.

    From what I can gather the pros of:

    Option A: The information I've managed to gather indicates that the Juicedlink has the superior preamps and sounds best.
    Option B: Streamlined setup.
    Option C: I suppose I could setup the split XLR signal as a different input on the Zoom and Juicedlink, allowing a margin for error.

    Thoughts? Experience? Am I missing any other permutations?

    Many thanks,

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    go with option B with an addition of a 1/8"-1/8" cable from the headphone output of the Zoom to the 1/8" audio input of the DSLR. Thus the primary sound is on the Zoom and the backup is on the DSLR (usable for syncing or picture edit before adding in the clean sound) The preamps (though less than the Juicedlink) are perfectly fine for the job
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