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Thread: DR-HD100 Import Issue

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    We shoot some stuff on a JVC 200 Pro HD camera with a DTE technology DR-HD100 as the recording device. I edit on fcp 7.03 with Snow Leopard OS. When I transfer or import the QT files from the drive they are no longer readable. FCP QT is 7.6.6. Apparently Apple OS and QT upgrades no longer accommodate the QT files generated on the DR-HD100. Anyone out there have an answer or work around for this. I have been reading some other forums and turns out this is not a unique problem for me. The files are readable with VLC and older files from the DR-HD100 are readable, but nothing new works for FCP.
    Carl Ward
    Twelve Palms Productions
    Destin, FL 32541

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    Just got through to Focus Enhancements tech support. They have a software fix for this problem. It requires a converter icon on the desktop. You drag your Dr-Hd100 QT files (50 at a time max) to the icon and they are automatically converted to work with FCP. No new files are created, it just converts them and leaves them in whatever folder they came from. Support says they intend to fix this probably permanently in future software upgrades for their products.
    Carl Ward
    Twelve Palms Productions
    Destin, FL 32541

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    Thanks for the update, Carl!


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