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Thread: why is 60fps not 60fps?

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    Default why is 60fps not 60fps?

    this must be a ridiculous question but really i think the answer i am guessing i might get is more ridiculous...

    please help...why is 60fps footage in a 30fps timeline not slowed down?

    i have tried in premire and fcp...this is 1280 60fps footage from the markIII...i know i am missing something but what?

    if i shoot 60fps on a film camera and play it through a projector it is slow motion, how in the wild world of F$#%#$^...can it be that i need to convert this footage first?

    thanks for being kind with me on this....

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    Open the clips in Cinema Tools (utility ships with FCP) and conform.
    Here's a link to a tutorial:

    The function is built into FCPX

    some light reading:

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