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Thread: Calculating correct duration from 23.98 to 29.97

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    Default Calculating correct duration from 23.98 to 29.97

    I'm editing a 23.98 show that is supposed to be delivered at a running time of 53:25 in 29.97DF. We did not cut in 29.97 so the online editor suggested I export a Quicktime of my show with vis TC and cut it onto a 29.97 DF timeline to let me know what my running time is. I've done this and it takes alot of time with the export. Is there an easier way for me to calculate accurate running time for 29.97 from from 23.98 timeline? I couldn't figure out how to use Apple's Frame Rate Conversion Tool.

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    It will be the same running time, because you're not conforming frames to anything. FCP will simply removed unneeded frames. Duplicate your Sequence, and in the Sequence properties, change the timecode to 29.97, export, it'll be the same running time. The frame rate tool was originally put there for re-conforming DVCPRO-HD 60fps to slower frame rates to achieve in-camera over cranking.
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