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Thread: editing audio in FCP 6

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    Red face editing audio in FCP 6

    Hello Everyone,
    I have a basic question. As a composer, I would like to edit via the audio track which is synched to the video track. In other words, I am editing the music which happens to be synched to the video.

    Looking at the audio wave track, in my audio program (Protools) each second is divided 960 times.
    This gives very precise editing. In other video editing software if I want to edit audio it will only divide each second 30 times which corresponds to the number of video frames per second.

    Is there a way in FCP 6 to edit the audio (synched to the video) where the second can be divided 960 times? If not, what number is the maximum I can divide each second.

    If this can be done, please tell me click by click how to do it.


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    Audio programs can usually edit at the sample level, which is typically 44,100 times per second or 48,000 times per second. If you zoom in in ProTools, you should be able to edit at the sample level.

    Video programs deal in frames. Typically 24, 25, 30, 50 or 60 fps. There's no such thing as a 13th of a frame (960/30). If you want to edit your audio with that kind of precision, use an audio editor, like ProTools.
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    While it is locked to the video, you can't cut a section smaller than one frame, but if you want to, say, remove a note or sound, you can use the Zoom tool (Z) and drag a box around the playhead in the audio tab in the viewer. (When the magnifying glass is white in the middle, you are zoomed all the way in). then you can use the Pen tool (P) to set 4 keyframes on either side of a 'note' and pull down the volume. that kind of thing. You are probably better off exporting the audio as OMF to PT and working with the audio the way you are used to, then reimporting into FCP. Put a 2-pop at the head of the sequence before you export so you know you are back in sync after the import.
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