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Thread: Viewing Anamorphic on 2nd monitor

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    Default Viewing Anamorphic on 2nd monitor

    A question about editing in a true anamorphic lens seems to be giving me some restrictions.
    Im able to view the anamorphic correction on my laptop and not on the external monitor.
    The output is currently in the none corrected image. Has anyone found a fix for this?



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    If you're talking about standard def anamorphic shooting (was common for european broadcasting before HD) the answer is in your external monitor. So for 16:9 shoots you'd use a 16:9 monitor set to display full frame. You say FCP is displaying it OK so that means you've set the anamorphic flags right, but monitors don't necessarily get that - it all depends how you're feeding the monitor. If, say, you go through a Matrox box there's a whole extra layer of settings to mess up.
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