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    Idk is this is the right place to post this but i need help finding out what effect is this
    it the 3d looking effect in the begging of the video.

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    24 views? no help? come on!

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    1st, this was not the right place to post, the Cafè specifically states, "Free-for-all forum about things that might seem off-topic. NO technical questions."
    2nd your question is obscure, what does "3D looking" mean? Why not the effect at :30 or 1:22.... etc. so we know exactly what you're referring to? From as much as I watched (:35) you've got some flash frames and some film looks filters being used. What software are you using? Look into Sapphire effects and transitions for some examples. Lastly 24 views in the wrong forum means nothing and people who help here are doing so out of their own free time and generosity, so keep your jets cool. Thanks.
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