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Thread: FCPX is overwhelming my 4 year old Mac Pro 1.1 - help needed!

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    Default FCPX is overwhelming my 4 year old Mac Pro 1.1 - help needed!

    Since starting to use FCPX on my 4 year old Mac Pro 1.1 (Dual core Intel Xeon, 10GB RAM) my system is running slower and slower. Frequently we have enforced pauses as the overwhelmed CPU tries to catch up - this can take up to 20 minutes sometimes - impossible with tight deadlines.

    FCPX is excellent and I would like to continue using it, so basically I now suddenly don't have enough RAM and must up-grade - but to what?

    My graphics card is ATI Radeon HD 5770 bought Mid 2010

    Is buying a little extra RAM for this system any more than a patch? I think I could run an 8+8GB RAM set here?

    My work profile is this: 90% of our projects need us to access huge archives of footage simultaneously. The current job (that is making my Mac grind to a halt) involves 7500 clips. (2TB).

    The Mac 12 core sounds on paper to be the fastest upgrade, and so to offer me the processing I obviously need, but I have read a bunch of reviews giving cons as well as pros. (many programs don't run smoothly on it, it's very expensive etc etc) Is the 8 core better/enough for these purposes?

    What has anyone else used? Does anyone have recommendations?

    Many thanks
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    1st up would be to look at your dive situation, what you're running off and how you're connected, free space, running Disk Warrior or Drive Genius might also be a good idea... trashing prefs too...

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    Minimum 8GB RAM if not 16. I've not seen anything over 8 cores be any advantage. Be sure your drive access is as fast as possible. And best GPU you can afford.

    What is your hard drive configuration?

    FCP X is hungry for RAM, GPU power, and the fastest drive access you can give it.

    I'll also throw in FYI, I spent two weeks editing for someone on their brand new 17" MBP, maxed out RAM, SSD OS drive, and a 2TB LaCie T'bolt drive. It out performed any edit bay I've ever worked on across the country over many years.
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    Default FCP X and MacPro 1.1 with 14 g. ram. Video card Radeon X1900. does not work.

    [QUOTE=hornbill;3191Is there a video card less than $795 that is CL ?

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