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Thread: Multicam with numerous broken clips

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    Default Multicam with numerous broken clips

    I've shot a project with two 5Ds, so the their are numerous clips from each photographer. All the tutorials I've seen on FCP X is based on one continuous clip from each photographer. Any ideas for the best way to do a multicam edit with numerous clips for each perspective instead on one?

    The only thing I can think of is to first lineup each string of clips from each photographer with the separate sound file through plural eyes, output them as one clip, and then bring them back in FCPX as one file per photographer.

    Is there a better way?


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    I just did a multiclip with numerous broken clips from a HPX 250 and 170.

    I selected them all, and right click to create a multiclip.

    worked perfectly for a 25 minute interview.
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    If I'm understanding what you're trying to do, you can arrange and manage your multicam clips in a variety of ways. Dozens and dozens. I think what you're looking for is to sync by creation time/date, and give all the clips from one camera the same Camera Name and Angle Name. You can tell FCP to put all Camera and/or Angle names in one track together. It will do that, and use the creation times to sort which comes before which in the track.

    FCP X Multicam Clip "system" is very deep, powerful, and flexible. I highly recommend Steve Martin's training video course on it at Ripple Training. Lots to it that isn't in the user manual, and isn't blatantly obvious.
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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the info. Very helpful. Best, Lucian

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