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Thread: newbie question on adding clips

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    Default newbie question on adding clips

    when i add video clips to the time line,left to right, i'd like them to stop when
    they meet,now they pass into each there a setting to make them stop when they hit?

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    I can't picture at all what you are describing. Can you try again with more detail, please?

    Plus, it would be great to know which versions of the software and the OS you are using.

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    I would help to tell us what software you're using.
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    I agree with the above posts, your question isn't very specific.

    But if you're asking about After Effects and you're talking about sequencing layers, here's how you do it.

    Select the layers you want to have sequenced, holding down CTRL to select all of them.

    Right click one of the layers.

    Select 'keyframe assistant'

    Select 'sequence layers'

    That will arrange all of the layers selected end to end.
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