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Thread: AJA XT IO - thunderbolt interface

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    Default AJA XT IO - thunderbolt interface


    Has anyone bought one of these and using it with their laptop editing system?

    I was very impressed with the NAB demo version, and subsequent literature on the device, but yet to see any professionals weigh in on their field testing.

    It looks like a good device for me. I want to move away from my Mac Pro, AJA Kona card, and work from a more portable system. BlackMagic have options, but for now I'm keen to see what AJA have to offer.

    In reading and contacting their sales people, AJA have highlighted the fact that I can monitor audio through the device through headphones. But there aren't analog rca outputs to feed a pair of powered speakers e.g.

    I'd be curious to hear what other editors experiences are with this new product. i.e how the Thunderbolt connectivity is working, how it supports various formats, and the audio monitoring solutions.


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    RCA audio monitoring isn't needed on the Io as you can get that same output via the audio out jack on your Mac laptop.

    The Io XT is literally an Io Express, with a Kona card added to it, and a Thunderbolt port. I've only used one as a demo for a couple of days, but was very, very impressed. I'd recommend using it with a Thunderbolt RAID from Promise or LaCie, though.
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    Getting one next week- looks juicy.

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    Any updates? I'm finding there aren't any reviews of this product yet? I wonder why? As for the audio monitoring, I guess one can feed the headphone socket out to powered speakers. For more precise mixing I would use the the break out cable I reckon.

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