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    I tried multiclips recently introduced in FCP 10.0.3 and made one from seven angles, ProRes SQ each, stored on a SAN drive. SAN version is 2.2 and a system on my client workstation is Snow Leopard. The multiclip wouldn't play back - mostly dropped frames. It didn't matter whether I had my event and project stored locally or on the same SAN drive. The same media stored locally behave well. The same media stored on SAN drive and handled by FCP 7.0.3 played ok as well. So what I have here is some FCP X - SAN issue.

    I know I should have upgraded my SAN drive to 2.3 and my OS to Lion. The reason I stick to Snow Leopard is that we have a large production going on and a lot of media on 2.2 SAN - we would rather hold on with performing any upgrades. Has anybody had any experience so far with FCP X in a networked SAN environment? How does SAN 2.3 and Lion perform?

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    I'd recommend going to and posting there, they may have good info there, as it's all about XSAN systems.
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    Look into Active Storage mMedia. Quite impressive and supports X
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