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Thread: Having trouble opening up project on DVD-R

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    I am having trouble opening my project on a DVD-R. Whenever I burn the project file (along with sound files used for editing) on a DVD-R and open it up on another mac computer, a box shows up saying that it can not find the sound files and asks me to locate them in order to be able to resume editing on soundtrack pro.

    I was wondering if anyone knows what I can do to solve this problem in order to be able to open up the project file on another computer without having to locate every single sound file?

    I will also have to submit this as my coursework and don't want to teacher to be annoyed locating each file.

    Comments will be appreciated.

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    Problem is that when you save the project on your hard drive, it remembers the path to the sound files on the had drive.

    When you burn them to a DVD-R, you're just making a copy of the project, which then is still going to look for your files in their original location.

    Also, a DVD-R isn't the best performance for playback with an audio or video project. DVD's are the slowest device on your computer. You'd be better off using an USB thumb drive.
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