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    On my new Drupal website, I am being told that when I upload videos for viewers to watch I must upload both and mp4 file and an OGV file. All the info I can find on OGG is that it is an audio format. What is this format and how do I convert my .mov FCP output files to be OGG files?
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    OGG is a container and it can be a number of things. OGV is video only. You're kind of asking two different things here but anyway... I can see no reason why you should be required to upload an OGG file unless they have some sort of "open source" requirement, still it seems odd. Where are these specifications listed (URL) so I can perhaps take a look at what they are asking for.

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    Something tells me that you're misreading their spec. I would expect that they can accept a variety of formats, including mp4, ogg and ogv. But ogg & ogv, while compatible with many players, are not really that common outside the FOSS community.
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