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Thread: DVD that cannot be duplicated

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    Default DVD that cannot be duplicated

    Hello All:

    I am a documentary filmmaker. Recently I completed a documentary on a sensitive issue. (About an illegal immigrant and his stay in the Country without paper work)

    I am sending the DVD to some people to look at it and make comments.

    I don't want anyone to take the movie from the DVD and post it online. Better safe than sorry. What type of DVD would be best for this purpose? Meaning from what kind of DVD, movie can only be viewed and not copied, duplicated or ripped.

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    The only way to do that with DVD is to pay for "Replication" (not duplication) with all of the copy protection mechanics which are extremely expensive, and only financially feasible if you're doing hundreds of copies. For burning your own copies with DVD-R's or blank Blu Ray discs, no way to copy protect it.

    You can post to a web site, password protect it, and have it locked so it can't be downloaded. A very valuable feature my company will miss in the MobileMe Gallery service when Apple finally kills that off in a few months.
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    Default offers all of those features. Yes, I agree with Ben that is the way to go. Altho, there is also software to copy online videos. That would take a lot of desire to get your story.
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    If you can see it and you can hear it you can copy it. If you're going ahead with the DVD plan it sounds like you maybe don't fully trust the people you're sending disks to? Have them sign some sort of non-disclosure agreement and watermark each copy individually. Or choose your audience more wisely.

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    Sad to say, for all intents and purposes there is NOT ANY foolproof way to prevent DVD movies from being pirated and posted online. This is something that has vexed Hollywood since the beginning of the DVD format, and as computers have gotten faster and more powerful with time, it has gotten easier and easier.

    Companies with resources can pay to have tracking codes embedded in DVD-R copies, with a unique code for each disc, but these resources are priced out of the reach of most small purveyors, or indie film folks.

    Sorry to be the bringer of bad news - you're far better off trying to use some kind of protected online viewing mechanism, NOT DVD...
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    I'm with Zwick on this one - watermark the version on your preview DVD - a lower-third graphic visible periodically throughout the disc that stamps it "not for online distribution" or with your contact info... something to render the video undesirable for copying but won't ruin the viewability of the program itself for serious potential reviewers/investors. If you have the time/resources to make an individual disc for each person to whom you are sending it, a watermark with something like "personal viewing copy for Robert Smith" will easily prevent them from posting it online, or even loaning it to other people who might do it (considering any illegal distribution would point directly back to the named recipient).

    - M.

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