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Thread: AE CS4 Extra ram causes audio to get out of sync in previews

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    Default AE CS4 Extra ram causes audio to get out of sync in previews

    I just got 32gb ram in my work machine 2Xquad 2,8 (macpro3.1 on 10.6.8)
    Since, i get error messages when rendering out films, the audio slides out of sync during previews) its quite annoying.
    Im making a film based on still images which i animate...

    Any suggestions on pref settings? is this a known issue?
    thanks in advance.
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    Sounds like it could be bad RAM. Remove it and see if the error message persists. If the error does persist, it's not the RAM.
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    Never saw this post. I'm assuming you've resolved the issue considering it's over a month ago. Would you like to tell us what the problem was?

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