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Thread: Zoom H4N problem

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    I recently bought a brand-new Zoom H4N to use as dual system sound with my Canon 7D. I'm only getting recording on one channel - the left - while using the built in stereo microphones, although both mikes seem to be operational - ie I can hear them through the headphones. Plugging in my ME66 to the XLR also gets me only one channel - but then again it's a mono mike so I was kind of expecting that. I can use the setting for dual mono to put the audio onto both channels.

    Before I go through the hassle of returning this unit and/or trying to get it repaired, is it possible that I've missed some sort of setting? I don't find the H4N's manual or its menus to be exactly user-friendly. Anyone got any ideas?

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    OK, I sent it back for a refund. Let's hope the new one works properly.

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