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Thread: What are laptop choices?

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    Default What are laptop choices?

    So recently having joined a video and sound editing class here at college and primarily only worked on macs, i was under the impression that in order to run SoundtrackPro, Adobe audition, Premiere etc, that i would be investing into a Mac notebook.

    Few nights ago im hanging out with some of my buddies who also happen to be huge computer geeks, and they tell me not to get a mac cuz they're not uprgradeable and i can the exact same programs on a 6-800 dollar laptop. This true?

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    SoundTrack is a Mac only application.

    And there are versions of Adobe's apps for both Mac and PC.

    You cannot upgrade most if not all Windows laptops, but both Mac and PC laptops can be upgrade with extra RAM and bigger hard drives.

    Mac Pros can be extensively updated.

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    With Thunderbolt on MacBook Pris now, you can add way more, and more powerful add-ons just like with a tower.
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