Hey there,

I've been working on FCP for a while now and my projects are expanding.

I've got too much of a work load to do to have an external drive that I back up periodically for safety. More than that, I'm based out of Connecticut and I have editors that work in LA in and NYC. Additionally I have editors who work at my space and it'd be great to use a storage source that we all share for editing a single project.

I've reached the point where I need a RAID array, remote access for distant workers and high speed connectivity for people working in the same local network.

That being said, we are not a big enough group that we need a set up that costs $1,000-$10,000.

I was wondering if there was an intermediate server solution that can take care of all those needs but isn't quite as storage intensive. I think for the next year or two we can make do with something that has 4 drive bays. Is there anything in the $200-$500 range for intermediates like us?

I should point out that I have a custom built PC with 4 drive bays, Core2Duo CPU, 2GB RAM. I can buy a RAID for that but if I custom build, I'd need to know what the right software is. Ubuntu server? Others?