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Thread: Panasonic AG AF100

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    Default Panasonic AG AF100

    I'm creating this thread to bring awareness to the new Panasonic AG AF100. I'm very interested in getting this camera for business use and personal use. I'm not asking any questions in particular, I just wanted to dedicate a thread to this camera in specific.

    Lets talk about why we love/despise it.

    I'm very interested in its 4/3 sensor. It seems we're getting closer and closer to the 35mm look and staying fairly cheap. Interchangeable lenses, audio functions, and the dual SD card storage is great. But is it worth $5000.00? I'm not the most savviest man when it comes to cameras, but I feel as though I'm fairly educated in them and would like to learn more.

    I do have a question though. Do you think it's capable of overheating fairly quickly due to being so compact and having everything theoretically crammed in a small space? I've heard of HDSLR's overheating from time to time.

    Here's some simple info on the Panasonic AG AF100 that you can easily find using the almighty google. Discuss!

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    Not all DSLR's overheated, just the Canon 7D, and that was fixed with a firmware update (I own one). Over heating in a video camera format has never been an issue, the least of my worries.

    I do think the $5k price tag is pushing it. Not totally unreasonable, as you're getting a ton of nice video camera form controls and such. But if you don't need built-in NDFs, XLR connectors, etc, you can go with the GH2 for much cheaper, if the DSLR form works for you.

    I love the look of my 7D, but I do miss the 4:2:0 sampling of my HPX-170 (which is up for sale). Makes shooting green screens more sensitive. But the DOF I get out of my 7D, interchangeable lenses (which I don't do much of, I survive just fine with two lenses), and cheaper-then-P2 storage is nice. I'm not thrilled with recording my original footage in H.264 format, way too much compression for my personal tastes. But a nice image, nice control, but really touchy.

    CMOS makes us work to avoid rolling shutter, but to some it's worth the trade off. CMOS scan rates are getting faster, and it's becoming less of an issue. I'm very anxious to see what rolling shutter and such issues are like on the AF-100.

    I plan on getting this camera if it proves to get good enough reviews. Lots of info on, also.

    Only time will tell how this camera performs in the real world.

    $5k is typical for this level of cam, but I do think Panasonic is pushing that price a tad bit. But then I look at the scopes built in, and I think it's well worth it. Those scopes built into the camera are GOLD!
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    Just ordered a AF101 plus a few lenses, anyhow one slight criticism levelled at the camera is the 25 mbit data rate this can be accomplished using class 4 data cards, yet over cranking requires class 10 cards, so the internal electronics codec must be capable of higher rates... Wonder if this is hackable for normal video
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    Default 4:3" ?

    I'm trying to understand the potential use of the AG-AF100. Am I correct in understanding that the 4/3" sensor refers to the actual size of 1 and 1/3" as well as the aspect ratio of 4:3? If a 16:9 image is actually cropped from the 4/3" sensor why not use the full sensor (4/3) and an anamorphic lens to extract optimum image quality?

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    Default Awesome

    I got a chance to use one. To be honest, its amazing, but the picture i dont think is that much more spectacular then the HMC or the DSLR's We use. There is a ton of options which is nice, and redrock makes a rad cinema bundle.

    Have found that its not how big your camera is anymore, but how you use them.

    Scope the Videos on our site, we use the DSLR 7d and the HMC. Recently the Linear Video was shot with the AF100.

    not much of a difference.

    Thanks Tim
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    Default Thanks for the reply

    I still don't understand the non use of an anamorphic application to the 4:3 format of this camera when it seems everyone is jumping on the large format wagon. Does anyone else have a perspective? Possibly a Panasonic rep?

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    Default Gearing up for a film project

    Our group has purchased, but still waiting on delivery, of the Panasonic AF100. We are in the initial stages of a digital film project with a non-profit Christian ministry. Since I specified this camera, I have a particularly keen interest in ideas, tips, etc. I have been shooting (and all post-production stuff) SD video since the early days and still do free-lance work in graphics on a weekly PBS show. I've been around and have a good many professional friends from which to draw but, with a few exceptions, all have never worked in the film world, at least not on a big scale. Our production group is constructing most of the rigs, i.e. dolly, boom, green screen rigging, lighting, so we are looking for inexpensive solutions that yield pro results. I'm new to this forum so any advice would be appreciated.

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    wanew, you don't mention where you are, what you are using for a NLE, etc. but what I'd advice, top of my pre-first cup o' java AM head, is for you to look into some user groups in your area and seek some like minded individuals to bounce ideas off of. Poke around this forum and others like it too.
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