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Thread: DVDSP is burning my 16:9 footage as 4:3

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    Default DVDSP is burning my 16:9 footage as 4:3

    I have set all the prefs to 16:9 -- not sure what's up. When I click on the MPEG-2 in DVDSP the box the comes up with the clip info and says that the width is 720 and the height is 480 but the aspect ratio is 16:9. Seems as tho I need to set the MPEG-2 so that is width and height are in a 16:9 ratio. It plays properly in the simulator. When it plays on a TV it is in 16:9 but it plays correctly in the normal 4:3 box, when it should play correctly in widescreen and fill the TV screen. Please send advice!
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    Is there any chance that the TV is an HDTV? Then it is actually playing correctly. An SD DVD should play as letterboxed and pillarboxed on an HDTV.

    If you want to "blow it up" to fill the HD screen, that is a setting you need to change on either the DVD player or the HDTV.


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