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Thread: Thunderbolt Drive pricing

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    Speculation on Tbolt drives now that the Apple store is not only selling the Pegasus drives but also the La Cie "Little Big Disk." On the La Cie, 1 TB, $399.95 and 2 TB, $499.95. These are SATA drives, which of course have only SATA performance despite the "shocking speed" of a 10Gb/s interface. So the asking price, $100 difference from 1 to 2 TB means $100 per TB SATA drive (although a difference of 7200 to 5400 RPM respectively), I guess that means $300 for a case with a Tbolt I/O? But the Apple 27" ATD monitor wasn't jacked up $300 was it? Am I missing something here? Are the drive companies really having to pay that exorbitant a price to use Tbolt technology to have to charge $400 for a 1 TB drive? And what, Apple's just throwing it in on the $999 27" display?! And they are really misleading about the way La Cie, et al., preface product with this hype of 10Gb/s when it all boils down to the performance of the SATA interface. Behind the big pipe, we're only sucking on a straw. If you haven't priced bare SATA drives lately you can get a 1 TB 3.5" drive for about $50. I really thought Apple was going to have an answer to no eSATA on devices like the iMac but they just opened another door to gouge people.
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