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Thread: 5.1 and stereo using same video?

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    Default 5.1 and stereo using same video?

    Using DVD Studio 4, is it possible to import both a 5.1 mix and a stereo mix, and then give the user the choice as to which mix to play using the SAME video? I have a 90 minute program, and there's not enough room on a standard DVD to put the video portion on the DVD twice. For each asset that one adds, the program seems to want linked audio/video. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    Yes, this is easily done...

    Encode both audio streams first, as AC3, then import the Video and ADD the two audio streams one by one using the Track Editor.

    YOu will want to be certain they are in exact sync from frame 1, but if they are, they should both work fine.

    You will need to author a Setup menu to give you a way to choose in advance of playback, but as long as BOTH audio streams exist under the video in the same track, the viewer can change the audio stream selection at any time using the remote control (unless you have locked that function out using UOPs).

    UPdate: Make sure to tag the LANGUAGE in the Track Editor ("en") so the player can display it properly...
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