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Thread: Panasonic AG-AC130/AC160 V.S. JVC GY-HM150U

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    Wink Panasonic AG-AC130/AC160 V.S. JVC GY-HM150U

    I have been looking for a new digital camcorder that would give me the best bang for the buck in the neighborhood of 3-5k.

    I had been researching both the JVC GY-HM100U as well as the Panasonic AG-HMC150. There were things that I liked about the Panasonic such as the low light capability and recording to SDHC card. As well as things I did not like such as only recording to HD in the AVCHD format. We have a Canon ViXIA at work and it can be a pain ingesting and transcoding to DV SD for a simple lecture.

    The JVC GY-HM100U has the advantage of recording to .mov in HD which makes it easier to ingest to FCP. It also has dual SDHC recording.

    Now there are new entries coming out soon from both Panasonic and JVC.
    The Panasonic AG-AC130/AC160 Which seems to combine the best features of both camcorders. The AG-AC130 has 1/3" 3-MOS Imager and 22X Lens, Dual SDHC Recording (either redundant or rollover), 2 XLRs, 1 HDMI out, 1 6pin firewire, 1 USB 2.0 Recording to SD DV AVI in Addition to 1080i 60/p30/p24 &720p60 Separate Iris and Focus Rings. The 160 has all of the previous and adds SDI out, Switchable PAL/NTSC & Shoots VFR for Slow Motion.

    The New JVC GY-HM150 Also adds SD recording to (480i) quicktime, Optical Image Stabilizer & Wired or Wireless Recording to the already impressive 1920X1080i @ 35Mb/s in Mpeg2 .mov quicktime, Dual SDHC card slots, Dual XLR inputs, Linear PCM Audio.

    After studying the specs on both camcorders, I believe that the Panasonic AG-AC130 gives me the most camera for the money in both SD and HD that I can use in my Final Cut 7 workflow.

    What is everyone else's opinion?

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    The 130 is a camera I'm very interested in these days. Looks like a winner. JVC- never been a huge fan so it's no contest to me.

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    I too am considering the 130 for its HD and SD shooting. Looks like a great camera. But can FCP v7 edit AVis or will that need to be converted to .mov files? What is needed to transfer the HD footage info FCP? I feel like the old dog trying to figure out new tricks WOOF!


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    Default Converting sd footage to movie?? wasted time rendering to covert.

    Hello,thanks to you all I have know started to look into a new Panasonic 30 and 60 models. I was looking into the HMC150 and see after reading into the 30 maybe I should go that route.The 30 looks to be my choice,a little less than the 60 and if its just slow motion and another feature that didnt sound to important (sorry you can say im an amateur).
    My issues is described above,when I bring footage in with an sd card I have to convert to there another way? Would the new 30 or 60 eliminate that,can I bring in and look at each clip right away without having to create a movie on the raw footage,its just a big waste of time and I would think theirs a simple answer,thank you..great forum.

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    Cool Importing from the Panasonic AG-AC130

    The SD AVI Files are native DV/NTSC so you can just copy the files over and they will just drop right into a FCP timeline.

    The way that you transfer the AVCHD files is to hook up a card reader to a USB port on your Mac Pro and do a log and transfer to FCP. If you are fortunate enough to have one of the new Mac Powerbooks, then you can plug the SD Card right in without needing a USB card reader.

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